Master of Philosophy (MPhil) & Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Our RPg curriculum is specifically designed to assist students with the publication process through acquiring various relevant skills: training in basic and advanced statistics to develop and deepen their data-analytical skills, training in writing communications to polish their skills in manuscript writing and publication, and seminars to sharpen their skills of reasoning, inquiry, and critical analysis.

In addition to the traditional one-to-one mode of supervision, the incorporation of coursework into the MPhil/4-year PhD programmes serves to provide a form of structural supervision. The coursework component includes courses required by the Graduate School and the Faculty/Department/School.

General coursework requirements by the Graduate School, please click here for details.

Coursework requirements by the Department of Psychology:

For MPhil/4-year PhD students admitted in or after 2012-2013

MPhil:  3 compulsory courses and 2 elective courses from the list below
4-year PhD: 3 compulsory courses and 3 elective courses from the list below

Course CodeCourse TitleCompulsory (C) / Elective (E)
PSYC6010Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Psychological Research IC
PSYC6011Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Psychological Research IIC
PSYC6025Postgraduate Seminar in Scientific Writing for PsychologyC
PSYC7021Postgraduate Seminar in Cognitive PsychologyE
PSYC7022Postgraduate Seminar in Social PsychologyE
PSYC7023Postgraduate Seminar in Developmental PsychologyE

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University Entry Requirement
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Departmental Requirement
Applicants who do not have a first degree in Psychology are required to obtain a minimum score of 550 on the GRE Subject Test in Psychology taken within five years.

Clinical psychology and neuropsychology

Diagnosis and assessment of psychopathology; efficacy of psychological treatments; traumatology and health psychology; neuropsychology (biological basis of psychopathology; brain mechanisms for regulation of cognition and emotion; neurorehabilitation); cognitive processes and mood; developmental psychopathology; affect dysregulation and sleep; school-based intervention and prevention.

Contact Person
Dr Shirley LI
Tel: 3917 7035
Fax: 2858 3518

Cognitive psychology /Neuroscience

Spatial vision; motion processing; stereoscopic depth perception; visuomotor control; face and object recognition; attention; development of conceptual knowledge; Bayesian approaches to perception and cognition; letter recognition and reading; visual impairment and cortical plasticity; computational modelling, hemispheric asymmetries perceptual expertise, psycholinguistics; multi-sensory integration; implicit body movement synchronisation.

Contact Person
Dr. Xiaoqing Hu
Tel: 3917 2291
Fax: 2858 3518

Educational and developmental psychology

Teaching and learning (literacy acquisition, instructional strategies, curriculum development, mathematics learning, psycholinguistics); social emotional development of children (moral development, achievement motivation, development of emotional and social competence, applications of positive psychology, risk and protective mechanisms in family and peer ecologies); special education (developmental dyslexia, learning disabilities; autism); teacher development (teacher efficacy, teacher education); school-based interventions (thinking skills development, prevention of childhood aggression and depression, mindfulness-based interventions, enhancement of achievement motivation); gender development (gender socialisation, cognition and stereotypes, sex-typed preferences and abilities, sex hormones); language and cognitive development; psychoeducational assessment; infant social and cognitive development.

Contact Person:
Tel: 3917 4875
Fax: 2858 3518

Social and health psychology

Social cognitive processes underlying social and emotional intelligence, stress and coping, personality coherence, and interpersonal interaction; indigenous social psychology and the study of the Chinese self; applied aspects of social and organisational psychology: the study of attitudes, beliefs, aptitudes, and abilities of the work force and their relevance to human resources management in the Chinese context; organisational stress; social judgments and decision making; preservation and change in lay theories.

Contact Person
Prof. Z. CHEN
Tel: 3917 2294
Fax: 2858 3518

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Students shall look for their interested research areas and search for potential supervisor in the Department of Psychology.

Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology

Prof. Tatia Mei-chun LEE
Dr. Christian S. CHAN
Dr. Wai Sze CHAN
Dr. Frances Jingwen JIN
Dr. Charlene Lok-man LAM
Dr. Shirley X. LI

Cognitive Psychology/Cognitive Science

Dr. Sing-hang CHEUNG
Dr. Janet Hui-wen HSIAO
Dr. Fan Cho
Dr. Jeffrey Allen SAUNDERS

Developmental Psychology

Dr. Karson KUNG

Educational Psychology

Dr. Lucy Shih Ju HSU
Dr. Kathy Kar-man SHUM
Dr. Terry Tin-yau WONG 


Prof. Tatia Mei-chun LEE
Dr. Sing-hang CHEUNG
Dr. Dorita H. F. CHANG
Dr. Fan Cho
Dr. Xiaoqing HU
Dr. Frances Jingwen JIN

Social/Health Psychology

Prof. Zhansheng CHEN
Prof. Cecilia CHENG

The application period for admissions in 2023-24 commences on September 1, 2022 and the application dates are as here.

All applications should be submitted to the Online Application system. Applicants are also required to provide some documents to support the application. Please upload them before the application deadline.

For any enquiries related to online application, applicants shall contact the Graduate School by email at or telephone: (852) 2857 3470.

For further application procedures and questions, applicants shall go to the Graduate School admission webpage:

Research AreasAdmission AdvisorContact
Clinical Psychology & NeuropsychologyDr. Wai Sze
Educational PsychologyDr. Lucy Shih Ju
Experimental PsychologyProf. Zhansheng

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