Project Description


Associate Professor

Prof. LEE Tatia Mei-chun

Office: 6.26

Phone: (852) 3917-8596


Research Lab:
3D Vision and Action Lab

HKU Researcher Page:


  • B.S. Mathematics, 1992, University of Texas
  • B.A. Liberal Arts, 1992, University of Texas
  • M.S. Mathematics, 1993, University of Arizona
  • Ph.D. Cognitive Science, 1999, Brown University


Visual perception
Perception and action
Computational modeling


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Chen, Z., Saunders, J. A. (2018). Volitional and automatic control of the hand when reaching to grasp objects. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 44(6), 953-972.

Chen, Z., Saunders, J.A. (2016). Automatic adjustments toward unseen visual targets during grasping movements. Experimental Brain Research 234(7):1-13.

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