Research Projects

List of faculty members’ active projects

Principal InvestigatorOngoing Research ProjectFunding Source
Prof. Zhansheng CHENObjectification decreases prosocial behavior: Mediating roles of self-objectification and relative deprivationGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Prof. Zhansheng CHENGetting at the Heart of Cross-Cultural Differences in Generosity: Explaining How Individual, Contextual, and Cultural Factors Shape Prosocial BehaviorJohn Templeton Foundation (JTF)
Prof. Cecilia CHENGDevelopment and evaluation of a pilot prevention program for Internet gaming disorderGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Prof. William HAYWARDBeyond a buzzword: Understanding holistic processing in human face perceptionGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Prof. Tatia Mei-chun LEEPsychological resilience and mental wellness: Effects of internal neurobiological affective and external social support systemsRGC-Collaborative Research Fund
Prof. Tatia Mei-chun LEENeural Basis of Affective DisordersThe Science and Technology Program of Guangdong Province
Prof. Tatia Mei-chun LEEHuman Affective Processing Network: The role of subcortical correlatesMinistry of Science and Technology of PR China
Prof. Tatia Mei-chun LEEPreventing Return of Fear through Memory Reconsolidation ¡V an Investigation of Neurocognitive Mechanisms Using a Novel MultiCS-ParadigmRGC-German/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme
Prof. Tatia Mei-chun LEEThe neural bases of meditation for promoting healthy aging: A longitudinal multi-modal neuroimaging studyRGC-General Research Fund
Dr. Christian CHANThe unbearable boredom of being: Examining the relations between boredom beliefs, experience, and copingGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Dr. Christian CHANRadical Political Identification and Collective Action: A Mixed Methods StudyGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Dr. Winnie Wai-lan CHANYoung Children Making Sense of Multi-Digit NumbersGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Dr. Winnie Wai-lan CHANHome Numeracy and Early Math LearningGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Dr. Dorita H. F. CHANGContextual modulations of 3D visionEarly Career Scheme (ECS)
Dr. Janet Hui-wen HSIAOUnderstanding the association between eye movement patterns and face recognition performance using hidden Markov modelsGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Dr. Xiaoqing HUHow Memory Control Influences Unwanted Emotional Memories' Automatic ExpressionsEarly Career Scheme (ECS)
Dr. Xiaoqing HUUnderstanding mnemic neglect in self-evaluation: a sleep-based memory consolidation perspectiveGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Dr. Xiaoqing HUModulating emotional memories during sleep???National Natural Science Foundation of China, Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Hong Kong and Macau)
Dr. Xiaoqing HUTraining to control unwanted emotional memories: A longitudinal studyNational Natural Science Foundation of China
Dr. Shirley X. LIEffects of group cognitive behavioural therapy on comorbid insomnia and depression in youth: a randomised, assessor blind, parallel group trialEarly Career Scheme (ECS)
Dr. Shirley X. LIA randomised controlled trial of the effects of cognitive behavioural therapy and bright light therapy for insomnia in adolescents with evening chronotypeGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Dr. Jeffrey Allen SAUNDERSInvestigation of motion sickness in virtual reality environmentsGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Dr. Kathy Kar-man SHUMBeyond Language and Literacy: What Can Preschoolers With and Without ASD Gain from DialogicGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
Dr. Kathy Kar-man SHUMBrain Challenge Intervention Program for ADHD Secondary School StudentsLee Hysan Foundation
Dr. Kathy Kar-man SHUMResearch in the field of Educational PsychologyDonation funding
Dr. Kathy Kar-man SHUMThink Bright Project - Early Cognitive Intervention for Preschoolers with Developmental DelayAlfar Charitable Trust
Dr. Kathy Kar-man SHUMKindling Active Kids ProjectThe Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust - General Award
Dr. Terry Tin-yau WONGIs 7 - 3 Equal to 3 - 7? Children's Understanding of Arithmetic Principles and Its Relation with Mathematics LearningGeneral Research Fund (GRF)
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