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The principles for provision of feedback in the Department of Psychology are transparent, accessible and clearly communicated to students.

  • The requirements for all the assignments are stated clearly in the course outline or assignment instruction.
  • For some courses, the grading criteria are also shown to students along with most assignments or good samples are posted on Moodle.
  • For class quizzes, teachers provide feedback to students within 2 or 3 weeks.
  • For class activities such as in-class exercise, tutorial discussion, the lecturer and tutor actively interact with students to provide immediate feedback on their discussion.
  • For projects, students are always encouraged to discuss their ideas with the professors/tutors.
  • For other coursework assignments, students receive feedback immediately or within an appropriate timeframe depending on the nature of the assignments.
  • Weekly consultation hours are set up for individual consultation.

Offical website with useful tips:

Advice on writing essays using APA style:

Guidelines on APA Style with explanations

Support on academic writing from Centre for Applied English Studies, HKU:

Nominated by Department of Psychology

For Undergraduate Students majoring in Psychology

1. Oxford University Department of Experimental Psychology – HKU Department of Psychology Exchange Scholarship
This scholarship was set up in 1998 as a result of a donation from Dr. Serena Yang Hsueh Chi to support the establishment of a HKU-Oxford Psychology Student Exchange scheme between the Department of Psychology, HKU and the Department of Experimental Psychology and Wadham College, University of Oxford. It is awarded to one or two students majoring in Psychology each year enabling them to study for either a term or a full academic year at Oxford. The award is based on the academic merit of first, second and third year performance in psychology subjects, as well as an interview by the donor’s representative and professors in the Psychology Department.

2. Swindon Book Company Prize in Psychology
Final Honors Prize in Psychology will be awarded to the student majoring in psychology with the best results in the BA or BSocSc final.

3. Y.K. Pao Scholarships in Psychology
This Scholarship will be awarded to third year students entering fourth year, basis on academic merit in the study of Psychology major.

4. Z.Y. Kuo First Year Prize in Psychology
This scholarship is donated by Swindon Book Company to be awarded to a student from either Social Sciences or Arts Faculty who obtains the best results in Psychology in the First Year Examination.

5. Lillian Poon Memorial Scholarship
In June 2013, the family of the late Ms Lillian Poon, a Social Sciences alumna, donated a sum to the University, to set up a scholarship in memory of Ms Poon. During her years at HKU in the 70s, Ms Poon took Psychology and Economics as her majors of study.

This Scholarship will be awarded to a maximum of two BSocSc students with a first major in Psychology each year, on the basis of academic merit.

For Postgraduate Students

1. The Chiu-Kwan-Ying Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded every other year to students of the MSocSc in Clinical Psychology & MSocSc in Educational Psychology programmes on the basis of outstanding performance in the practicum.

2. Dr. Geraldine Mao-Ng Prize in Psychology
The prize is awarded to students of the MSocSc in Clinical Psychology & MSocSc in Educational Psychology programmes who have achieved the best overall performance and the best research dissertation in their final year.

Nominated by Faculties/Applied by Students

Please frequently visit the HKU Scholarships Homepage to check for the most updated information pertaining to scholarship application

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