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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour which include many disciplines encompassing clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, educational and developmental psychology, social psychology, health psychology, and sports psychology.

In 1968, psychology became a founding department of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Since that time, the Department has contributed to developing the discipline both locally and internationally through dedicated teaching and research work often in collaboration with colleagues from different parts of the world. According to the 2020 QS World University Rankings by subject, Psychology at the HKU ranks 31 in the world,  and ranks first in Asia according to the 2021 Times Higher Education Word University Rankings.

The Department offers a broad range of programmes and is committed to designing the most appropriate learning experiences that suit students’ needs, sharing with them the exciting developments in psychology, and helping them achieve the required level of academic competence.

Greetings from the Head of the Department of Psychology, Dr. Janet HSIAO

Our 2021 Virtual Information Day Programme ( October 30, Saturday 2021 )

Programme Video New Programme: Bachelor of Psychology [BPsych]
Admissions Talk 6705 Bachelor of Psychology [BPsych] (in English)

Mock Lecture 1 Title: Introduction to Decision-making-Exploring Cognitive Biases (in English)
(by Dr. Gilad FELDMAN)

Mock Lecture 2 Title: How We Know What Isn’t So (in English)
(by Dr. Jeffrey SAUNDERS)
Virtual Lab Tours Attention Brain and Cognition Laboratory
(Lab Director: Dr. Janet HSIAO)
  Cognitive Development Laboratory
(Lab Director: Dr. Terry WONG)
(Videos in Cantonese) Video 1:

Video 2:
  Sleep Research Clinic and Laboratory
(Lab Director: Dr. Shirley LI)
  Websites of other Research Laboratories:
Student Sharing BSocSc (Major in Psychology) Alumni

Dean’s Conversation with BSocSc (Psychology) Alumni

Our undergraduate programmes

The Department of Psychology offers a new Bachelor Degree in Psychology, multidisciplinary majors/minors in Cognitive Science, Neuroscience as well as a minor in Human Resource Management to all undergraduate students.

Here, we introduce what Psychology is and the key features of the new Bachelor of Psychology Programme, and two Major and Minor programmes in Cognitive Science and Neuroscience offered by the Department of Psychology.

Featured programme: Cognitive Science Programme (as 2nd Major or Minor.)

Neuroscience Undergraduate Programme by Dr. Dorita Chang

To learn more about our undergraduate psychology programmes, please visit our website https://psychology.hku.hk/undergraduate/

Our graduate programmes

At graduate level there are also opportunities for professional doctorate study in the areas of Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology, as well as for MPhil and PhD research in the areas of Cognition and perception, Clinical psychology, Educational psychology, Social psychology and the History of psychology.

The Master of Social Sciences in the field of Psychology programme provides university graduates in fields other than psychology with an opportunity to acquire a solid foundation in psychology with a strong understanding of psychological theories and research methods, and an ability to apply them in real life. The two professional programmes, i.e. Master of Social Sciences in the field of Clinical Psychology and Master of Social Sciences in the field of Educational Psychology are designed to train professional clinical psychologists and educational psychologists to serve local communities in Hong Kong.

To learn more about clinical and educational psychology, please check out the following videos

Master of Social Sciences in the field of Clinical Psychology ( in English )

Master of Social Sciences in the field of Educational Psychology ( in Cantonese )

If you are interested to know more about our postgraduate programmes, please visit the following webpage https://psychology.hku.hk/programmes/

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