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Dr. Lucy Shih Ju HSU

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kathy Kar-man SHUM

Office: 6.06

Phone: (852) 3910-2188


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  • Ph.D. with specialization in Educational Psychology, HKU
  • M.S in Developmental Psychology, University of Michigan
  • B.S. in Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Michigan


  • Language acquisition and socialization
  • Literacy intervention for children with/at risk of dyslexia
  • Reading fluency in children’s development
  • Educational neuroscience using fNIRS
  • Mindfulness for children, parents, and teachers

(IF: Latest 2-year journal impact factor)

Ip, K.I., Marks, R.A., Hsu, L.S.J., Desai, N., Kuan, J.L., Tardif, T. & Kovelman, I. (2019). Morphological processing in Chinese engages left temporal regions. Brain and language, 199, 104696.  (IF = 2.34)

Ho, C.S.H., Zheng, M., McBride, C.A., Hsu, L.S.J., Waye, M.M.Y. & Kwok, J. C. Y. (2017). Examining an extended simple view of reading in Chinese: The role of naming efficiency for reading comprehension. Contemporary Educational Psychology. 51, 293-302.  (IF = 2.86)

Ip, K.I., Hsu, L.S.J., Arredondo, M.M., Tardif, T., & Kovelman, I. (2017). Brain bases of morphological processing in Chinese‐English bilingual children. Developmental Science. 20(5), e12449.  (IF = 4.08)

Hsu, L.S.J., Ip, K.I., Arredondo, M.M., Tardif, T. & Kovelman, I. (2016). Simultaneous acquisition of English and Chinese impacts children’s reliance on vocabulary, morphological and phonological awareness for reading in English. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 1-17.  (IF = 1.34)

Kremin, L.V., Arredondo, M.M., Hsu, L.S.J., Satterfield, T. & Kovelman, I. (2016). The effects of Spanish heritage language literacy on English reading for Spanish–English bilingual children in the US. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 1-15.  (IF = 1.34)

Ugolini, M., Wagley, N., Ip, K.I., Hsu, L.S.J., Arredondo, M.M., & Kovelman, I. (2016). In young readers, the left hemisphere supports the link between temporal processing and phonological awareness. Speech, Language and Hearing19(1), 17-26. (IF = 1.91)

Arredondo, M.M., Ip, K.I., Hsu, L.S.J., Tardif, T., & Kovelman, I. (2015). Brain bases of morphological processing in young children. Human Brain Mapping, 36(8), 2890-2900.  (IF = 4.55)


Child Language & Learning (ChiLL) Laboratory

The ChiLL lab investigates how bilingual and dyslexic children develop language and literacy through behavioral and educational neuroscience. Our research aims at developing effective reading interventions for children with learning difficulties. We are also interested in examining the effect of mindfulness on children’s language socialization.


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