Like most world-class universities, HKU expects students majoring in Psychology to devote about 30%-45% of your courses to Psychology. So, you can have a broad education - a hallmark of excellent undergraduate education internationally.

Career & Further Education
Employers value such broad education. This may well be one reason why HKU graduates have the lowest unemployment rate of any university in Hong Kong, and many HKU alumni are leaders in their professions.

Graduates have obtained post-graduate scholarships and post-doctoral fellowships in Hong Kong, the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia. Our graduates teach at universities in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the region (e.g. Singapore and Australia), as well as in Europe and North America.

Many talented students are attracted to our popular specialties in clinical psychology and educational psychology. Others want to explore how the mind works, to gain insights about who we are and why we act, think, and feel as the way we do, and to learn to understand other. All these areas are fascinating in their own right. As a bonus, they can help make the world a better place when applied wisely to real world problems.

HKU graduates make up a sizable percentage of students in all top masters and doctoral psychology programs in Hong Kong. As a graduate from HKU's Psychology Department, you may - like others before you - be very successful in getting into top programs for Masters or Doctoral degree in Psychology (e.g., clinical psychology, educational psychology, academic psychology) in Hong Kong and overseas (e.g., Columbia, Illinois, Oxford, Waterloo, York).

Many of our graduates gain the opportunity to study for a semester or a year at universities such as Singapore, UBC, UCLA, McGill, Yale, Toronto, Lund (Sweden), Beijing and Tsinghua. The Department also provides scholarships every year for one year of study at Oxford University and at Cambridge University.