HKU Face Camp 香港大學臉孔識別學習營 

You are invited to participate in HKU Face Camp!

HKU Face Camp aims to engage with children to learn about face recognition and face scanning patterns.




HKU Face Camp 香港大學臉孔識別學習營

About the Programme

Target: Children aged 4-6, 8-10 and 12-14 years old 
Date/time: Schedule available in the registration form below (limited spaces)

Duration: total about 3.5 hours (option to complete in 2 sessions)
Venue: Department of Psychology, The University of Hong Kong

** Upon completion of the programme, you will receive a honorarium of HKD $200 , participation certificate and report.


  1. Sessions can accommodate 2 participants for siblings and friends upon request.

  2. Please select all the possible date/times in the registration form. Your time-slot will be allocated based on availability. 

  3. This programme will be conducted in English or Cantonese.

  4. This programme is free of charge.

  5. Parents/guardian will be required to fill out a questionnaire prior to their children participating the programme.

  6. Parents/guardian and the participant will be required to complete a consent form prior to participating the programme.

  7. The HKD $200 honorarium, participation certificate and report will only be given when all tasks are completed after the programme.


年齡: 4-6, 8-10 及 12-14 歲小朋友

日期/時間: 以下報名表格將列出可選擇時間(名額有限)

時間: 共約 3.5 小時 (可選擇分成兩天內完成)

地點: 香港大學心理學系

** 完成活動後將會獲發港幣$200、 參加證書和個⼈紀錄。


  1. 如有兄弟姊妹或朋友,活動可容納 2 名參加者同時進行。

  2. 請從報名表格中選擇你所有可以參加的時段。參加者的時段將在你所有可能的時段中分配。 

  3. 計劃將以英文或廣東話進行。

  4. 本計劃費用全免。

  5. 家長/監護人需要在小朋友參加該計劃前填寫一份問卷。

  6. 家長/監護人和參加者需要在參加該計劃前填寫一份同意書。

  7. 參加者只會在活動結束以及完成所有任務後獲發港幣$200、 參加證書和個⼈紀錄

 Upon submitting the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email with more details and your allocated timeslot.

Enrolment is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please contact Ms. Karen Ng at or 3917 2384 for any inquiries.





如您有任何查詢,請與黃小姐 (; 電話: 3917 2384) 聯絡。 

This study has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through the Human Research Ethics Committee for Non-Clinical Faculties, The University of Hong Kong (Reference Number: EA200248).

本研究已經得到香港大學非臨床研究操守委員會審核並獲得批准 (參考編號:EA200248) 。

The project team reserves the right to make the final decision in cases of any disputes.